Greet-n-Treat Thursdays

Imagine going to a new place that looked very different. You’d be apprehensive, but curious. Then they gave you shots, or drew your blood. You didn’t like that part.

Next time you went back, you’d be more apprehensive. They poke you again, and you don’t like it. It’s getting old.

Every time you go to this place, you get poked or prodded. After a couple visits, you really do NOT want to go there!

We don’t want your pet to feel that way about our clinic. Yes, we do need to provide veterinary care, but we can convince your pet it isn’t such a bad thing.

If you have a dog or cat that does great in the car, but hates vet clinics, we have a solution – Greet-n-Treat Thursdays!

From 5-6pm every Thursday, you can bring your nervous dog or cat to our clinic. We will not do anything but give them a treat (or 5), then they leave.

This teaches your pet that the clinic is a cool place. When they come in the door, they are expecting treats and good things! The veterinary stuff is more tolerable because their general feeling about the place is positive.

If new people are scary, your pet can just go in an exam room, “find” a couple treats on the floor, then go. We can gradually work up to taking treats from a stranger. We might even work up to stepping onto the scale!

NO VETERINARY SERVICES ARE PROVIDED DURING THIS TIME. It would obviously negate the effect we want Greet-n-Treat Thursday to have! It’s all about the experience being completely positive and non-threatening, and leaving happy.


Of course, if your dog hates the car, or your cat hates the carrier, then a house call would more likely meet your needs.