Coronavirus – what’s the deal?

With everything topsy-turvy about the Coronavirus, closings, quarantines, and random hoarding, I wanted to touch base and give you an update.

Most importantly: ARE YOU SICK, MIGHT BE SICK, OR INSTRUCTED TO SELF QUARANTINE? Then please reschedule, whether it’s a house call or clinic visit. 

We are still making house calls and/or providing in-home euthanasia. We are trying to limit house calls to one room if indoors, or outdoors ideally if nice weather. We are disinfecting and keeping our distance. We request anyone in the room with us wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. If the weather is nice, we can do the appointment outside with no masks if we can keep apart from each other.

Clinic appointments – we offer curbside or you may come in.  If you’d like to come in and be with your pet for the appointment, we limit it to one person per pet, and wearing a face mask for the duration of the visit. Forgot yours? No problem! We can provide you one. 🙂 If you have kids or just prefer to not come in, we still offer curbside as well. A technician will come out to your car and bring in your pet. We offer zoom meetings (optional) for curbside appointments, or we can just call you. If you’d like curbside, please let us know when you schedule the appointment.

Telemedicine appointments are going very well! Depending on your situation, we may offer that as an option. Please seriously consider it when possible. Here’s the telemedicine website.

Medication pick-ups
If you need medications, simply request a refill using your favorite means (call, text, email, or VitusVet app). We have many options to get your medications to you:

  • Through the mail
  • Pick them up from the drop box outside (which is sanitized multiple times a day, but still, wash your hands, just ‘cuz). This is a good “after-hours” option as well.
  • Pick up from clinic either curbside, or one person entering wearing a face mask.  Ask for our clinic hours that week.

You may pay with credit or debit online, or we can run your card in the clinic. We also take checks and cash!

Again, tell us if you’re sick, or think you might be, were exposed, or are quarantined… for reals!
Yes, I said this twice. If you love animals more than people, put the pets first by helping me and my staff avoid getting sick! If we get sick, we cannot help the dogs and cats that need it. We need to continue providing timely, peaceful euthanasia in their homes. We need to stop pain, relieve itching, and treat upset tummies, to name a few. So a healthy, functional veterinary team is important – help us stay that way!


Yes, it totally sucks. All of this does.

We’ll probably operate like this for the next few weeks… until it changes again. We appreciate everyone’s positive attitude and patience while we struggle to balance treating our patients with keeping my staff and their families safe.

Now stay chill, and stay healthy!

Karen Louis DVM, MS, cVMA
Owner, MetroEast Home Vet Care