Coronavirus Update

We are no longer curbside, and clients are welcome to come in the building! We have two rules:

  • You must wear a mask.
  • If you are sick, or have been exposed to Covid, please do not come inside!

Telemedicine appointments – another option
Depending on your situation, we may offer a consult on our Teletails app as an option. You and your pet just stay home, and we can video chat! Any medications can be picked up or mailed. Here’s the telemedicine website.

Medication pick-ups
Lots of easy ways to get your meds. Just let us know your preference!

  • Pick up from clinic- you may come in, or we can run it out to your car!
  • Through the mail – takes a day… or three.
  • Pick them up from the white drop box outside the middle front door (good for after hours!)

Payment for medications:

And there’s always the option to pay online. Here’s the site to pay online if you’re curious:

House calls – we are doing them again!
If your pet cannot get into a car or come to the clinic, and it needs more than telemedicine can offer, then yes, we can come to you. We are also offering in-home euthanasia services, as always.