Low Stress Veterinary Clinic

Metro East Home Vet Care has been providing modern, high-quality veterinary care for dogs and cats inside their own homes since 2012.

We are now pleased to offer a home-like setting in our Belleville veterinary clinic, located at 1601 N Belt West. We have many patients who can travel well, but dislike the stress of a traditional vet clinic. For patients who prefer to receive veterinary care away from home, our low stress clinic provides a calm, peaceful alternative. Exams are 30-45 minutes long.

Here’s how we are unlike any other veterinary practice:

  • We are the FIRST and ONLY Low-Stress Handling -Silver Certified veterinary practice in the St. Louis area! Our entire staff has completed the intense training and learned how to handle animals with minimal fear and anxiety.
  • Our clinic has NO metal exam tables. Dogs and cats are treated in a home-like setting, just like a house call. We have couches, chairs, and do our fair share of crawling around on the floor. We go where the pet is most comfortable!
  • Walls are painted in colors proven to be calming to dogs and cats (yes, they do see color!).
  • Floors are not slick, and we provide rubber mats for dogs who need extra sure footing.
  • Appointments are scheduled appropriately, eliminating time in a crowded waiting room. We do not see walk-ins or emergencies, giving us ample time to dedicate to YOUR pet.
  • We play music that is scientifically proven to reduce fear and anxiety in dogs and cats.
  • Pheromones to send a calming message are used throughout the clinic, specific to dogs and cats.
Low stress vet
Our large exam room
Low stress vet clinic, cat exam room
Cat friendly exam room

While we make every effort to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere, some animals simply will not allow any stranger to handle them under any circumstances. Despite every effort to provide care, we may not be able to perform a complete exam on the first visit. If so, we will prescribe medications for the follow up visit so your pet feels less nervous, and we can be more thorough.

Low Stress Handling certified