Urn options for Cremation

If you choose to have your pet cremated and the ashes returned to you, they will be returned in a plain white box, included in the price. Some people choose to scatter ashes in a meaningful place, or bury them in the yard, so the plain box is sufficient. Or you might not be up for making an decisions now, and that’s fine too!

If you would like the ashes placed into a decorative container prior to their return, as opposed to the plain white box, we have several options available. Prices and details are below each photo. Engraving or painting is included unless otherwise stated.

You are also free to choose your own container at a later time and transfer the ashes to it after they are returned to you as well!

Blooming $35
Tin $22
Cat urn $75
Cherry box $45
Redwood $68
Picture $130
Acrylic $79
Brass $74
Odyssey $83
Pewter Cat $82
St. Francis $129
Rock $97
Ceramic Urn $70
Decorative Wood $75
Oak Wood Photo Urn $130. Engraving additional $35.



Cat Pewter $65
(Engraving additional $35)




Dark Cherry Photo Urn $130. Engraving additional $35.