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  1. I hope this link finds it’s way to other animal lovers. On October 6, 2019, our beloved Red was discovered to have an aggressive tumor on his jaw. The vet who discovered it and gave us the devastating news told us we might have a week or so with him at home. The following day, he could barely open his jaw to eat. Knowing the time had come, I panicked, knowing we wanted in home euthanasia, but how would we find anyone on such short notice. Enter Kelley, who answered the phone at MEHVC and within seconds made me feel she’d known us forever. Such genuine empathy and I knew she would help us find our answer. That answer was in the form of a true angel, Dr. Laura Boeren. She showed up that night at around 6:15, and instead of being sorrowful and morose, her smile and energy lit up our home. She spent time with all 4 of our cats who had been together for over 12 years. We talked and the naturalness of it all set all the “boys” at ease. This was the most peaceful, natural way to ease our Red out of this life and on to his next journey. Red’s 3 brothers got to sniff him afterwards to better understand that he would no longer be present. 2 weeks and 3 days later I still weep over this profound loss, but let me tell you, compared to the dreaded carrier, the car ride and the cold metal table……..oh, this was truly the sweetest way for our boy to go. He was in my arms on the sofa, his favorite place to be. Other vets may offer this service, but both my husband and myself agree that in our 70 plus years on earth did we imagine someone such as Dr. Laura could help all of us through this pain with such grace. We will be eternally grateful for her loving spirit, medical skill and the love she showed our entire household. Should you ever find yourself in such dire straits, please don’t hesitate or wonder if you’re doing the right thing. This practice and Dr. Laura will ease your soul in a way you never thought possible. God Bless all of you and your furry families.

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